Dragon issue 104 was released in December of 1985. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The well-rounded thiefEdit

By John C. Bunnell. p. 9

A look at five possible motivations for thief characters.

Race is ahead of classEdit

By John C. Bunnell. p. 11

Motivations for demi-human theives.

Oriental opens new vistasEdit

By David "Zeb" Cook. p. 20–21

A look inside the new Oriental Adventures. [citation template]

Meeting of the mindsEdit

By Peter Zelinski. p. 24

An expanded psionic encounter table incorporating the monsters from Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II.

Leomund's Tiny Hut: Specialization and game balanceEdit

By Len Lakofka. p. 28

Balancing the weapon specialization rules. [citation template]

The Ecology of the Ochre JellyEdit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 33-36

A scholarly treatise on the Ochre Jelly. [citation template]

TSR Profiles: David "Zeb" CookEdit

By Uncredited. p. 63

A profile of Senior Game Designer David "Zeb" Cook. [citation template]



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