Dragon issue 109 was released in May of 1986. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The barbarian clericEdit

By Thomas M. Kane. p. 14

The barbarian cleric character class.

Fighters for a priceEdit

By James A. Yates. p. 18

Why to use mercenaries and how to find them.

Worth its weight in goldEdit

By John Olson. p. 28

A dwarf's beard is his (or her) honor.

Ecology of the Displacer BeastEdit

By Bill Mickelson. p. 32-34

A scholarly treatise on the Displacer Beast. [citation template]

Locals aren't all yokelsEdit

By Ralph Sizer. p. 50

How to discourage players from running roughshod over your NPCs.

Blades with personalityEdit

By Sam Chupp. p. 52

How to create distinctive swords.

Giant-sized weaponsEdit

By Stephen Martin. p. 54

Scaling up weapon damage for larger-than-man-sized wielders.

TSR Profiles: Jeff EasleyEdit

By Uncredited. p. 60

Profile of TSR staff artist Jeff Easley. [citation template]



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