Dragon magazine 128 was released in December 1987. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Welcome to WaterdeepEdit

By Ed Greenwood.[citation template]
AmphailArdeep ForestGaustar's CreekGoldenfieldsHouse of StoneMaiden's Tomb TorMount HelimbrarMount SarRassalantarRat HillsRiver DessarinSarcragSelpirStump BogZundbridge
Elraghona'’s ranchKeep Woods, west of Rassalantar • The Laughing Bandit Inn in Amphail • Reluraun's Tomb in the Ardeep Forest • The Sleeping Dragon in Rassalantar
Akrosz UlvinhandAmphail the Just, a spirit of a War Lord • Blaskos UlravenBriiathor AlougarrElaith CraulnoberElraghona SelemberEroan, Archmage of the Moon Elves • Gheldarm TassorGulyaikin Dzrund, "The Mad Dwarf" • Helimbrar, a fomorian giant • Hlaavin, a dopplegangerKuthil, a kobold chief • Marune, an evil mage • Mintiper MoonsilverQuth Hawkhand • Sar, a fomorian giant • "Spider" Samallahan. • Timmer LongschalTolgar AnuvienVedellen Hawkhand

To Believe or Not to BelieveEdit

By W. Todo Todorsky. Illustrated by Joseph Pillsbury. p. 18

The spell-casting tactics of the school of illusion.[citation template]

Plane SpeakingEdit

By Jeff Grubb. p. 57-58

Concerning the creatures of the negative quasi-elemental planes.[citation template]

Ash quasi elementalDust quasi elementalSalt quasi elementalVacuum quasi elemental



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