Dragon issue 220, Plotting and Scheming, was released in August of 1995. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Stratagems & Dirty Tricks[edit | edit source]

By Gregory W. Detwiler. p. 10

Advice for players and GMs alike drawn from the Chinese classics The Art of War and The Book of Strategems as well as Machiavelli's The Prince.

Moving in Mysterious Ways: The College of Apportation[edit | edit source]

By Lachlan MacQuarrie. Artwork by Larry Smith. p. 28–32

The College of Apportation, an example of a homebrewed magic school. [citation template]

Spells[edit | edit source]

The Thought Police[edit | edit source]

By Lisa Smedman. p. 41

Psionics in law enforcement.

Arcane Lore: Sea Magic[edit | edit source]

By Deborah Christian, illustrated by David Day. p. 70–78

Spells from the oceans. [citation template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Elven magic[edit | edit source]

By Robert S. Mullin, illustrated by Scott Rosema. p. 80–84

Magic items of the elves. [citation template]

Dangerous Ground[edit | edit source]

By William J. White. p. 90

Running dramatic combats.

TSR Previews[edit | edit source]

By Uncredited. p. 138

New products for September.

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Connections[edit | edit source]

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