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Dragon magazine 227, The Lure of the Underground, was released in March 1996.[1]It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The Secrets of Successful Dungeon Building[]

By Mathew Guss. p. 9

Making dungeons real is half the game.

Report from Undermountain[]

By Steven E. Schend, illustrated by Brom, Randy Post, and Michael Scott. p. 14–19

In Waterdeep, there is a tavern that holds the entrance to one of the biggest, meanest dungeons ever made. Here's what's been happening lately. [citation template]


House of PainPromenade of the Dark MaidenUndermountainWaterdeepYawning Portal
Referenced only
ArabelArdeep ForestBaldur's GateBeaconmarchBlackstaff TowerCalimshanCity of the DeadCormyrDaggerfordKarsoluthiylLlorkhLuskanNew OlamnSargauthSilverymoonSkullportTethyrTower of Luck
Adama MiiralinAeril FaenryaAhlysaaria Yril'LysaenAli ibn-DakimhCassandra RulmacDanilo ThannDundald GostDurnanEnrisGnossos ValmarHarelHashakHorth HunabarJared RhelophJhaax DolbruinJhassalanLamris KhollLorarMather UkkhemnMorgunn LathkuleMyrnd GundwyndPelopsPhaergosShauban ZulpairThad RuchelTymosWendyll ThintoworthWynara RulmacYulm Matyris
Referenced only
Allumar ZethElkantar IluimEssimuth LanysHalaster BlackcloakInselm HhuneKyliaLaeral SilverhandMuiralPiergeiron the PaladinsonQilué VeladornSammereza SulphontisSeenroas HalvinharTamsil DryndilstannVangerdahast Aeiulvana
City GuardCity WatchCompany of the Sundered OrcDeep DelversGuild of the JustKnights of the ShieldMask's ConscriptsRed SashesWar Wizards
Referenced only

The Dragon's Bestiary: Monsters of the Underdark[]

By Wolfgang Baur, illustrated by Michael Scott. p. 21–32

Underearth dwellers. [citation template]

Albino wyrmBainligorBlue ring octopusCarapaceDarkness elementalFireweedGiant scarab beetleGlouraVampire squidWhispering moth

Journeys to the Deepest Dungeon[]

By Wolfgang H. Baur. p. 35

Surviving the Underdark.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Magical Items[]

By Robert S. Mullin, illustrated by Michael Scott. p. 56–61

Axes, warhelms, and other dwarf items. [citation template]

Blood Wars Card Game Two-Player Rules Supplement[]

By Steven Schend. p. 73-74

Two-player rules for Blood Wars. [citation template]

Arcane Lore: And the Rocket's Red Glare[]

By Dale Hueber, illustrated by Jason R. Coleman and Larry Elmore. p. 93–96

Firework magic adds a new aura of flash and dash to your mage's portfolio. [citation template]

BakarapperDisplayDragon whirlFirecrackerFlareGoblin chaserRoman candleSpark fountainSparklerSpecial effectsStarburst

TSR Previews[]

By Uncredited. p. 116

New products for March and April.



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