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Dragon issue 228, The Campaign (and Humor!), was released in April of 1996. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

101 Uses for a Wet Blanket[]

By Spike Y. Jones. p. 18–22

The humble woollen blanket can save your PC's life. You'll never look at bed linens the same way. [citation template]

The Athalantan Campaign[]

By Ed Greenwood. pp. 26-37

This article details the land of Athalantar, a land ruled by Elminster Aumar's ancestors.[citation template]

Janath RendaerNathgarl

Dungeon Mastery: The DM's Quick Campaign Random Generator[]

By Serge Stelmack. p. 67

Random d12 tables to adlib your campaign.

Greater Familiars of Faerûn[]

By Jean Rabe, illustrated by Terry Dykstra. pp. 76-82

This article details alternative familiars and minions for spellcasters.[citation template]

TSR Previews[]

By Uncredited. p. 116

New products for April and May.



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