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Dragon issue 232 was released in August of 1996. Its theme was all manner of weapons. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

A Flurry of Swords[]

By Gregory W. Detwiler. Artwork by James Holloway. pp. 29–32

A number of sword variants for the 2nd edition, drawn from a variety of Earth's cultures. [citation template]


AbbasiDouble swordsDusackEpeePersion falchionFalx (weapon)Franc-taupinGlavelotHegyesterKhyber knifeKlewangKoraRegimental kukriMachairaManchu broadswordMel puttah bemohRapierSaddle swordLong seaxSicaTachiTai chi swordTalibonYataghan

Sorcerous Six-Shooters[]

By Roger E. Moore. Artwork by Mark Nelson. pp. 34–40

Considerations and rules how to introduce mundane and enchanted firearms into different campaign worlds.[citation template]

The Ecology of the Roper[]

By Johnathan M. Richards. Artwork by Lorelle Ahlstrom. pp. 42–46

A detailed look at the roper, the "Terror in the dark" waiting silently for prey in many a cave.[citation template]

The Role of Books.[]

By John C. Bunnell. p. 58

Brief preview of Realms of the Underdark, Tangled Webs and Escape from Undermountain.

Wyrms of the North: Balagos, the Flying Flame[]

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by Storn Cook. pp. 80–87

This article describes Balagos, a very powerful, aggressive, and megalomanic male red dragon.[citation template]

Magic item[]

Energy drain chain


Choking claw

Role-playing Review[]

By Rick Swan. p. 115

Short review on Faiths & Avatars sourcebook.

TSR Previews[]

By Uncredited. p. 116

New products for August and September.



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