Dragon issue 254, Giant Kin, was released in December of 1998. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Wyrm's Turn: The Pitfalls of RoleplayingEdit

By Dave Gross. p. 4

Low Wisdom and the perils of pits.

PC Portraits: Giant SlayersEdit

By David Day. p. 28

14 potential PC pix.

The Bigger They Are...Edit

By Skip Williams. p. 30

Giant NPCs.

...The Harder They FallEdit

By Paul F. Culotta, Illustrated by Pete Venters, Cartography by Delfino. p. 36–46

Combat tactics used for and against giants. [citation template]

Wyrms of the North: Saryndalaghlothtor, Lady GemcloakEdit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by Storn Cook. p. 84–88

Saryndalaghlothtor, the crystal dragon who wards the city of Mirabar. [citation template]

The Dragon's Bestiary: Giants from the GraveEdit

By Gregory W. Detwiler, Illustrated by Stephen Schwartz. p. 90–96

Undead giants. [citation template]

Rogues Gallery: Greendale MeadowField, a Lord of Ravens BluffEdit

By Jeff Quick and Robert Suriano, Illustrated by David Kooharian. p. 98–99

Greendale MeadowField, half-elf bard and merchant of Ravens Bluff.

The Ecology of the CyclopskinEdit

By Johnathan M. Richards, Illustrated by Matthew Mitchell. p. 102-108

A scholarly treatise on the Cyclopskin. [citation template]

ProFiles: Jeff EasleyEdit

By Allen Varney. p. 120

TSR's senior artist Jeff Easley has painted the cover of all the AD&D core rulebooks, and he still hasn't tired of dragons. "There's nothing else I'd rather paint!" [citation template]



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