Dragon issue 273, Swashbucklers, was released in July of 2000. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Up on a Soapbox: D&D: The Next GenerationEdit

By Gary Gygax. p. 22

Getting the next generation into the game.

Countdown to Third Edition: Sorcerers and BardsEdit

By uncredited. p. 24

About the final character classes.

40 Swashbuckling AdventuresEdit

By Malcolm Haymes and Michael T. Kuciak p. 34–36

40 swashbuckling adventure ideas.

Swashbuckling EssentialsEdit

By Robin D. Laws, Illustrated by Terri Tiritilli. p. 38–42

12 tips for the swashbuckling player.

Something Up Your SleeveEdit

By Gregory W. Detwiler, Illustrated by David Day. p. 50–54

New equipment for AD&D thieves.

Shamur's WagerEdit

By Richard Lee Byers, Illustrated by Terese Nielsen. p. 56–63

A story of Shamur Uskevren. Related to The Shattered Mask novel.

Rogues Gallery: The Heroes of StormweatherEdit

By Philip Athans, Richard Lee Byers, Clayton Emery, Ed Greenwood, Dave Gross, Paul S. Kemp, and Veronica Whitney-Robinson, Illustrated by Carl Critchlow. p. 66–73

The citizens of Selgaunt live by the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. [citation template]

The New Adventures of Volo: The House of StoneEdit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by Ron Spencer. p. 74–76

A massive fortress. [citation template]

Arcane Lore: The Green DweomerEdit

By Claudio Pozas, Illustrated by Scott Fischer. p. 78–80

Druid spells. [citation template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: For Glory, Love, and All the Right ReasonsEdit

By Alexander Wilson and Justin Paulette, Illustrated by Shawn Sharp. p. 82–86

Items for those less than true at heart. [citation template]

The Ecology of the HippocampusEdit

By Margaret S. Lundock and Ramsey Lundock, Illustrated by Scott Fischer and Teresa Fischer. p. 88–94

With a Hippocampus, captivity can form bonds the captors never anticipate. [citation template]



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