Dragon issue 279, Elves, was released in January of 2001. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

ProFiles: Jason CarlEdit

By Michael G. Ryan. p. 12–18

About Jason Carl, the author of Sword and Fist. [citation template]

Up on a Soapbox: What the Heck is a Roleplaying Game?!Edit

By Gary Gygax. p. 20

What makes an RPG.

Coming SoonEdit

By Uncredited. p. 26

Countdown to the Forgotten Realms: Realms of the RealmsEdit

Uncredited p. 28

The evolutions of the Realms up to 1372 DR.

Leaf & ThornEdit

By Robin D. Laws p. 34

The secret life of elves.

Revenge of the Spider QueenEdit

By Monte Cook p. 42–47

The Hand of Vengeance, a group of heroes of Lolth. [citation template]

The Elven MarketplaceEdit

By Steve Kenson p. 48

Things for elves to buy.

An Elven LexiconEdit

By Sean K. Reynolds p. 56–59

Speaking elf. [citation template]

Unusual Suspects 3: Monks & DruidsEdit

By James Wyatt p. 62

Monks and druids from unusual races.

Vs.: FiendsEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 78

Fighting fiends. [citation template]

The New Adventures of Volo: Lost Treasures of Cormyr, Part 2Edit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 80–83

More on the riches and legacies of Cormyr. [citation template]

PC Portraits: ElvesEdit

By Mike May. p. 94



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