Dragon issue 281, Psionics, was released in March of 2001. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

ProFiles: James WyattEdit

By Michael G. Ryan. p. 12

Keeping the Faith: A profile of writer and game designer James Wyatt. [citation template]

Up on a Soapbox: What the Heck is a Roleplaying Game?!, Part 3Edit

By Gary Gygax. p. 15

Economics, exploration, intrigue, and politics as parts of RPGs.

Coming SoonEdit

By Uncredited. p. 16

Countdown to the Forgotten Realms: Organizations of FaerunEdit

Uncredited. p. 18

More info on the upcoming 3rd edition Forgotten Realms.

Calm amid the StormEdit

By Bruce R. Cordell, Illustrated by Carlo Arellano. p. 32–37

About Githzerai monks, a supplement to the Psionics Handbook.

By Any Other Name: Races of the UnderdarkEdit

By Owen K.C. Stephens. p. 46–49

Names for Derro, Duergar, Illithid, Kuo-Toa, and Svirfneblin. [citation template]

Instant Dungeon TilesEdit

By Ron Shirtz. p. 50

A sheet of wilderness and dungeon tiles for use with D&D.

Logjam BustersEdit

By Robin D. Laws, Illustrated by Jeff Laubenstein. p. 57–61

Helping the GM to keep games on track.

Vs.: Psions & Psychic WarriorsEdit

By David Noonan p. 74–75

How to fight psionicists. [citation template]

The New Adventures of Volo: Lost Treasures of Cormyr, Part 4Edit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by Ron Spencer. p. 76–78

An overview of many Cormyrian treasures. [citation template]

Rogues Gallery: Heroes of the SummoningEdit

By Troy Denning, Illustrated by Glenn Harrington. p. 79–83

Characters from Denning's novel, The Summoning. [citation template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Imaskarcana: Faces of MagicEdit

By Robert Sullivan, Illustrated by Arnie Swekel. p. 86–89

Magical masks of the Realms. [citation template]

The Dragon's Bestiary: Subterranean ScaresEdit

By Joseph R. Terrazzino, Illustrated by Brian Snoddy. p. 90–95

Creatures of the Underdark. [citation template]

PC Portraits: PsionicistsEdit

By Vinod Rams. p. 110

14 psionicist sketches.



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