Dragon issue 284, 25th Anniversary Issue, was released in June of 2001. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:


By Uncredited. p. 16

Countdown to the Forgotten Realms: Ten ReasonsEdit

Uncredited. p. 22

Why you'll love the new Campaign Setting book even if you hate the Realms.

Scale & ClawEdit

By Steve Kenson, Illustrated by Keith DeCesare. p. 28–32

The secret life of half-dragons. [citation template]

Draconian TacticsEdit

By Jesse Decker, Illustrated by Todd Lockwood. p. 34–37

Make your dragons deadlier. [citation template]


By Owen K.C. Stephens. p. 38–39

A mini-lexicon. [citation template]

Run for Your LivesEdit

By Adam Kay, Illustrated by Todd Lockwood. p. 40–41

How to DM a dragon. [citation template]

Taste TestEdit

By Robin D. Laws, Illustrated by Peter Bergting. p. 42–46

Pleasing all the players all of the time.

Wise as an Ox, Strong as an OwlEdit

By Brian Rogers, Illustrated by Jeff Laubenstein. p. 48–51

Playing to your characters weak stats.

Class Acts: DragonkithEdit

By Monte Cook, Illustrated by Damon Brown. p. 68–69

A dragon-serving prestige class.

Faiths of Faerûn: Magistrati & WatchersEdit

By Eric Haddock and Julia Martin. p. 70–73

A custom faith for the Realms, complete with multiclass paths. [citation template]

Elminster's Guide to the Realms: Mrelgaunt's TurretEdit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by David Day. p. 74–77

Mrelgaunt's Turret. North of Everlund, a crumbling tower. [citation template]

The Dragon's Bestiary: Return of the Greater DrakesEdit

By Johnathan M. Richards, Illustrated by Ron Spencer. p. 92–96

Aerial riding mounts. [citation template]

Miscellaneous Mishaps (Dragon): Tavern ActivitiesEdit

By Dawn Ibach. p. 97

What can happen in a tavern?

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Hoard of the Howling WyrmEdit

By Robert Harris, Illustrated by Dennis Cramer. p. 98–101

Loot fit for a dragon. [citation template]

Vs.: DragonsEdit

By Jesse Decker. p. 102–103

Fighting dragons? [citation template]

PC Portraits: half-dragonsEdit

By Keith Decesare. p. 110



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