Dragon issue 308, 27th Anniversary Issue, was released in June of 2003. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

House Rules: Personable DwarvesEdit

By Andy Collins. p. 19

Changing the possibilities for dwarves by switching their attribute penalty from Charisma to Dexterity.

Dragon MagicEdit

By Monte Cook. p. 20

Powerful new spells derived from dragons.

Heavy GearEdit

By Eric Cagle. p. 28

Equipment for dragons.

Dweomered Dragon ScalesEdit

By Christopher Campbell. p. 36

Magic items made from dragon skin.

The Ecology of...: Demon ForestsEdit

By Skip Williams. p. 42

The ecology of the ironmaw. [citation template]

Armed to the TentacleEdit

By Penny Williams. p. 52-60

Equipment for illithids, including symbionts.

Psychic BoxingEdit

By E.W. Morton. p. 62

Psions of the East.

Arcane WeatherEdit

By Michael Mearls. p. 68

Magical weather effects.



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