Dragon issue 309, War, was released in July of 2003. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Beasts of the BattlefieldEdit

By Andy Collins and Matthew Sernett. p. 24

Five monsters bred or built for war: crawling slaughter, death hurler, golem swarm, guardian steed, and wardrake.

Arcane Lore: War SpellsEdit

By Sean K. Reynolds, Illustrated by Mike Vilardi. p. 44–51

Powerful new spells designed to effect the course of battles. [citation template]

Paragons of War: The Ecology of HobgoblinsEdit

By Terry Edwards. p. 52-61

A scholarly treatise on Hobgoblins. [citation template]

Incursion: A World Under SiegeEdit

By James Wyatt, Illustrated by Sam Wood. p. 70–104

Introduction to the Incursion campaign, where an army of githyanki invades and conquers the PCs' home-world. [citation template]

The Incursion BeginsEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 80

Incursion: On the MarchEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 88

Incursion: The Beginning of the EndEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 96

Incursion: Fighting the GithyankiEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 104



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