Dragon issue 310, Warrior Classes, was released in August of 2003. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The Roles of RageEdit

By Rich Redman. p. 20

Multiclassing the revised Barbarian. Includes new "Feats of Rage".

Specialist FightersEdit

By Clifford Horrowitz. p. 32

Variant Fighter classes for your game.

Variant FistEdit

By Andy Collins. p. 40

New Monk variants.

Champions of the DivineEdit

By James Jacobs. p. 46

Paladins of other Alignments.

Roles of the WildEdit

By Rich Redman. p. 56

Multiclassing the revised Ranger. Includes several new "Feats of Hunters".

Stealth and DaggerEdit

By Jeff Quick and Michael Mearls. p. 66

Options, combinations, and Prestige Classes for the revised Rogue.

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