Dragon issue 334 was released in August of 2005. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Cities of the Realms: Crimmor, City of CaravansEdit

By Ed Greenwood, Illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. p. 22-34

In-depth detail on the crossroads of Amn. [citation template]

Fires of Alchemy: Alchemist's Fire ExploredEdit

By Paul Leach, Illustrated by Andrew Hou. p. 46–51

The secrets of alchemist's fire and other insidious incendiaries.

The Ecology of the KrakenEdit

By Richard Pett, Illustrated by Peter Bergting and Mike Schley. p. 60-65

A scholarly treatise on the Kraken. [citation template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Arsenal of the War MagesEdit

By Scott Noel, Illustrated by Attila Adorjany. p. 70–72

Unusual magic weapons and other accoutrements. [citation template]

Spellcraft: Livre d'Aquatha Edit

By Gregory Marks, Illustrated by Peter Bergting. p. 74–76

Water spells. [citation template]



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