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Dragon issue 347, Elementals, was released in September of 2006. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The Archomentals: Princes of Elemental Evil[]

By Eric Jansing and Kevin Baase, illustrated by Andrew Hou. p. 29–41

The original five elemental princes from the Fiend Folio, converted to D&D 3.5. Cryonax, Imix, Ogrémoch, Olhydra, and Yan-C-Bin. [citation template]

Elemental Hazards: An Exploration of the Inner Planes[]

By Chad Dickow, Duncan Hanon and Mike McArtor, illustrated by David Bercham. p. 42–52

As if the Elemental Planes didn’t present enough lethal challenges. "Terrain" features and hazards of the elemental planes. [citation template]

Paraelemental Paragons[]

By Eric Jansing, illustrated by Andrew Hou. p. 54–65

Ice, magma, ooze, and smoke: uncover what lurks between the Elemental Planes. [citation template]

The Ecology of the Elemental Weird[]

By Michael Trice, illustrated by Peter Bergting. p. 66–71

Those who seek answers from the ageless elements should beware! All about the elemental oracles. [citation template]

Air weirdEarth weirdFire weirdWater weird
Elemental guardian

Bazaar of the Bizarre: A Mastery of Elements[]

By Greg Marks, illustrated by Jeff Carlisle. p. 72–74

Nine new magic items with elemental powers. [citation template]

Class Acts: Warrior: The Ranger Guide[]

By Amber Scott. p. 92

Everything you need to play a ranger.



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