Dragon issue 361 was released in November of 2007 as a HTML edition. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

A Fractured Family: Elvish Strife, Separation, and RebirthEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 8–12

Once they were a single race, and they would have stayed that way but for the help of Lolth. [citation template]

The Allure of Evil: Dark ChurchesEdit

By Jason H. Haley, Illustrated by Ralph Horsley. p. 18–28

The evil deities of D&D have churches all their own, but no all their followers are villains. These affiliations give non-evil PCs all the information they need to join one of these dark churches. [citation template]

Infernal Aristocracy: The Dukes of Hell, Part IIEdit

By Robert J. Schwalb, Illustrated by Marc Sasso. p. 29–39

"You thought we were done? It's impossible to count the number of diabolical, unique personalities scheming in Hell. We've got five more here, ready to terrorize your D&D game." Agares and his companion Harbinger, Tartach, Lilith, Hutijin, and Adramalech.[citation template]

Realmslore - Ironfang KeepEdit

By Brian James, Illustrated by Diem. p. 49–51

"Long reputed to be the home of dark power, this shadowy basalt fortress is held responsible for centuries of abductions and strange abominations unleashed to roam the countryside..." [citation template]



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