Dragon issue 364 was released in June of 2008 as a PDF. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: YeenoghuEdit

By Robert J. Schwalb. p. 5–16

Unleash Yeenoghu, the bloodthirsty Demon Prince of Gnolls—and his many loyal followers—on your unsuspecting PCs. [citation template]

Ashen CovenantEdit

By Ari Marmell. p. 36

Devoted to the demon prince Orcus, the Ashen Covenant believes that victory for their dark lord will come only when he the new god of death.

Creature Incarnations: KoboldsEdit

By Michael Mearls. p. 55

How to build a kobold lair and random crazy things for kobolds to do when they drop a PC.

Class Acts: WizardEdit

By Rodney Thompson. p. 68

Level 1 to 10 wizard powers with an illusory theme.

Design & Development: The Dungeon Master's GuideEdit

By James Wyatt. p. 75

A chapter-by-chapter look at the new Dungeon Master's Guide.



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