Dragon issue 381 was released in PDF format only in November of 2009. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Player's Handbook 3 Debut Content - The MonkEdit

By Stephen Schubert. p. 5

The monk is complete, and now D&D Insiders can get an exclusive look at the results of all the playtest feedback we’ve received since the class was first showcased last spring.

Born to Lead: Warlord EssentialsEdit

By Robert J. Schwalb. p. 24

Learn the secrets to building and playing one of the game’s most complex and fascinating leader classes.

Class Acts - Wizard Spells of the FeywildEdit

By Mike Mearls. p. 65

New fey-themed powers for your wizard.

Winning Races: HalflingsEdit

By Logan Bonner. p. 81

New options for halfling wanderers.

Channel Divinity: TormEdit

By Erik Scott de Bie and Eytan Bernstein p. 91–94

New options for members of the Champions of Order, a society devoted to the Realms god of justice. [citation template]

D&D Alumni: Metallic DragonsEdit

By Bart Carroll and Steve Winter. p. 110

About metallic dragons over the years.



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