Dragon issue 385 was released in PDF format only in March of 2010. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Power of DragonsEdit

By Greg Tito. p. 5

Learn how some dragonborn, as well as members of other races, have found immense power by tying themselves to different metallic dragons.


By Daniel Jones. p. 23

The spellscars of the Forgotten Realms continue to manifest in unique ways.

Class Acts: AssassinEdit

By Robert J. Schwalb. p. 31

Discover the hybrid options for the assassin, as well as several new racial feats for assassins of several stripes.

Class Acts: ShamanEdit

By Russell Jones and Jeremy Pappas. p. 36

New paragon paths for shaman characters focus their spiritual affinities.

Class Acts: FighterEdit

By Daniel Jones. p. 41

These new powers enhance a fighter’s ability to fight with a shield.

Class Acts: SorcererEdit

By Jeff Morgenroth. p. 46

The luckbender wagers on the outcome of every event, large or small.

Class Acts: SwordmageEdit

By Matt James. p. 50

Learn about Spellbinders, a group of swordmages who seek to find the perfect balance of sword and spell.

Class Acts: WizardEdit

By Daniel Marthaler. p. 53

These new summoning powers give wizards powerful new allies.

Winning Races: DevaEdit

By Rodney Thompson. p. 58

These two new racial epic destinies allow a Deva to realize his or her full potential.

Winning Races: Half-ElvesEdit

By James Auwaerter. p. 67

These new character options give the Half-elf, the ultimate dabblers, new ways to define "dilettante."



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