Dragon issue 386 was released in PDF format only in April of 2010. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Bazaar of the Bizarre: The Items of the Drizzt SagaEdit

By Eytan Bernstein p. 25

Information on many of the items featured in the Legend of Drizzt novels. [citation template]

Winning Races: Goliath Giants of WarEdit

By Matt James. p. 55–57

Some goliaths, captured from their mountain homes at an early age, are raised to fight for masters other than themselves. [citation template]

Winning Races: Half-OrcEdit

By James Auwaerter. p. 58

Half-orcs, shunned by many, always find a way to survive.

Channel Divinity: CorellonEdit

By James Auwaerter. p. 64

The Rose King, a powerful archfey and servant of Corellon, once led an impressive force against the drow, and while he fell, his legacy continues.

Channel Divinity: SehanineEdit

By Claudio Pozas. p. 67

Sehanine rewards those who rely on themselves, and is the patron of lovers, tricksters, and thieves.



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