Dragon issue 405 was released in PDF format only in November of 2011. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

History Check: Rary the Traitor and the Circle of EightEdit

By Sterling Hershey. p. 5–9.

When Rary slew Otiluke and turned his back on the Circle of Eight, it marked the end of the most famous adventuring party in Dungeons & Dragons history. [citation template]

Class Acts: Swordmage - The Winterguard of CendrianeEdit

By Tim Eagon. p. 9

Next time the monsters are giving you a hard time, bust out some new spells created by the Winterguard swordmages, defenders of an icy prison in the Feywild.

Character Themes: Born from the FeywildEdit

By Logan Bonner. p. 29

Join the Wild Hunt astride a great black steed, or turn the tables on your fomorian overlords by stealing their evil power.

Character Themes: Heroes of the MoonshaesEdit

By Matt James. p. 34

Resplendent in their stark beauty, the rocky islands known as the Moonshaes are home to some of the fiercest heroes in all of Toril, including the feywardens of Sarifal and the dragoons of Callidyrr. Now you can play them!

Making Race Count, Part 2Edit

By Robert J. Schwalb and Matthew Sernett p. 41

Fortune favors the fey! New racial utility powers give you more reasons to love being an eladrin, elf, or drow.



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