Dragon issue 407 was released in PDF format only in January of 2012. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Editorial (Dragon): Romancing the Stone GiantEdit

By Christopher Perkins. p. 3

How romance and Cormyr came together for this month's issue.

D&D Love StoriesEdit

By Jeff LaSala. p. 4

The time's come to add a little romance to your game. Before you do, learn a few lessons from literature. Complete with piles of plot hooks.

Character Themes: Heroes of CormyrEdit

By Dan Anderson. p. 13–18

What does it take to defend the greatest kingdom in Faerûn? Become a Purple Dragon Knight or War Wizard to find out. [citation template]

Crowns and Mantles: The Ranks and Titles of CormyrEdit

By Brian Cortijo. p. 19–27

Before you can rub shoulders with the nobles and military officers of Cormyr, you need to know how to properly address them. [citation template]

Blades of Kings: The Cormyrean Swords of StateEdit

By Brian Cortijo. p. 28–31

Fall in love with a collection of swords that symbolize the honor and legacy of Cormyr. [citation template]

Eye on the Realms: A Surprising VintageEdit

By Ed Greenwood p. 42–45

Uncork a bottle of treasure. [citation template]

Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard: OutsourcedEdit

By Shelly Mazzanoble. p. 46

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