Dragon magazine 408 was released in PDF format only in February 2012. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

History Check: Corellon and Gruumsh Edit

By Jeff LaSala. Illustrated by Wayne Reynolds. p. 5

This article gives a summary of the animosity between the core versions of Corellon and Gruumsh.[citation template]

Character Themes: Reborn from Chaos Edit

By Matt Goetz. Illustrations by Chris Seaman and Scott Murphy. p. 12

This article describes several themes available for characters whose origins begin in the Elemental Chaos.[citation template]


Elemental Patrons and Palaces Edit

By Claudio Pozas. Illustrated by Noah Bradley. p. 19

This article gives players several tips on how to role-play a character who worships one of the powerful immortal creatures of the Elemental Chaos. It describes four such beings: Kristobal, Zephyria, Fumeran, and Lureq.[citation template]

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Treasures of the Elemental Chaos Edit

By Michael H. Haneline. Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy. p. 28–31

This article describes several items which originated in the Elemental Chaos.[citation template]


Making Race Count, Part 3 Edit

By Matt Sernett and Robert J. Schwalb. Illustrated by Raven Mimura, William O'Connor, and Chris Seaman. p. 32–36

This article gives several new spells available to dragonborn, half-orc, and tiefling characters. [citation template]


Eye on the Realms: The Enchanted Painting of Manyshields HallEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Illustrated by Chris Seaman. p. 44–47

This article describes the plight of Malthus Traganther and a powerful deepspawn who has magically been transformed into a painting. [citation template]



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