Dragon magazine 60 was released in April 1982.[1] It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The Elven Point of ViewEdit

By Roger E. Moore. p. 6-8

A look at the way elves perceive the world.[citation template]

The Gods of the ElvesEdit

By Roger E. Moore and Georgina Moore. p. 9-12

Some deities from the elven pantheon.[citation template]

Aerdrie FaenyaErevan IlesereHanali CelanilLabelas EnorethSolonor Thelandira

The Half-elven Point of ViewEdit

By Roger E. Moore. p. 14

A look at the way half-elves perceive the world.[citation template]

From the Sorcerer's Scroll: More Cantrips: Mini Spells for Apprentice Magic-usersEdit

By Gary Gygax. p. 16

Minor spells for magic-users.[citation template]

Bee (spell)BelchBlink (cantrip)BluelightBugChangeCoughCreakDistractFootfallFirefingerGiggleGnatsGroanHideMoanMouse (spell)MuteNodPalm (spell)PresentRattleScratchSmokepuffSneezeSpider (spell)TapThumpTweakTwitchUnlockWhistleYawn

Firearms: Primitive powder weapons for AD&D playEdit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 24

Details the use of firearms in fantasy settings.[citation template]

Basilisk (weapon)Bastard cannonBastard culverinBombardCannonCannon royalCannon serpentineCulverinDemi-cannonDemi-culverinFalcon (weapon)FalconetHandgunMinion (weapon)PedreroRabinetRibaldSakerSerpentine (weapon)

Alignment: A New View of the Nine PhilosophiesEdit

By John Lees. p. 72

An attempt to clarify the alignment system in the AD&D game.[citation template]



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