Dragon issue 78 was released in October of 1983. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Psionics is different...And that's putting it rather mildly[edit | edit source]

By Arthur Collins. p. 7

An in-depth examination and clarification of how psionics work in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Overhauling the system: A three-part remedy for problems with psionics[edit | edit source]

By Robert M. Schroeck. p. 22

A variant system for psionics in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons incorporating a gradual progression in gaining psionic ability, a slow atrophy for not using psionics, and changes to psionic combat.

The Ecology of the Mind Flayer[edit | edit source]

By Roger E. Moore. p. 66-68

A scholarly treatise on the Mind Flayer. [citation template]

Spells can be psionic, too: How and why magic resembles mental powers[edit | edit source]

By Kim Mohan. p. 70

A look at the "Spells Resembling Psionic Powers" and the interaction between magic and psionics in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

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