Dragon scale mail, also known as dragon armor,[2] was a type of enchanted armor that was crafted from the scales of a certain variety of dragon.[1] Despite its name, it appeared as a number of different forms of armor such as scale, plate or even full plate mail.[3][4]

They were highly valued for their rarity and protective qualities,[5][1] along with the prestige that accompanied their possession. By the same token, it often drew the ire and enmity of any living dragons that happened to encounter someone wearing the hide of their slain kin.[6]


In addition to defense against mundane attacks, mail crafted from dragon hide offered protection from the naturally frightful presence that was projected by many dragons. In addition, the armor granted its wearer protection from the element or substance that was associated with the color or hue of the dragon from whose scales it was made.[1]


On some occasions, dragons collected the scales they shed and offered them as a gift to friendly humanoids. On the other hand, some particularly skilled hunters were known to skin and preserve the hides of a deceased dragon.[1] In the case of the latter, a 3' (0.9 m) swath of undamaged hide, free from punctures or scorching, was needed for the creation of armor.[5]


Some tavern tales spoke of a time, long before the Era of Upheaval, when there were instances where humanoid races and dragons fought alongside one another. While it was believed that some suits of dragon armor were a result of these alliance, in truth the stories regarding the union of men and dragon was not historically accurate.[2]



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