Dragonbane was a divination spell that allowed a dragon to determine whether or not any item within its area-of-effect held a dweomer related to their species or draconic magic.[1]

It was often used by dragons in combat, to quickly highlight any items or spellcasters that may have have posed any semblance of a threat.[1]


When this spell was cast, the dragon gained limited knowledge about any magical item within a area of 30' (9.1 m). Specifically, they knew whether or not any of these items were created by means of draconic spells, if they held charges that could discharge such spells, if they contained any dragonbane properties, or had properties that were otherwise related to dragon-kind (such as an orb of dragonkind).[1]

Similarly, it also revealed any currently active spell effects that were in some way related to dragons.[1]

Unlike the spell identify, dragonbane did not reveal the exact arcane specifications of a magical item.[1]



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