Dragonbane amber was a type of magical amber crystal usually found underground in Laerakond.[1]

Powers Edit

The dragonbane amber had the quality to greatly weaken any nearby dragons to the point of killing them if exposed to the crystal during prolonged periods of time, hence the name.[2]


Small quantities of dragonbane amber were uncovered after the Spellplague transported Laerakond to Toril,[1] in more quantities in the lands of Skelkor than in other regions of the continent.[2] Although small, those quantities of dragonbane amber were enough to kill a lot of dragons.[1] Dragonborn slaves across the lands were able to get enough dragonbane amber to start a rebellion during the Wailing Years, killing many dragons and even destroying a few dragon empires. Among the most fierce rebellions were those of Skelkor and Djerad Kusold in Melabrauth.[2][3] Eventually, however, the reserves of dragonbane amber were depleted and dragons were able to retaliate and destroy the rebels.[2]

In the 15th century DR, many adventurers and dragonslayers braved the dangerous lands of Skelkor and other dragon ruled nations in hopes to find new veins of dragonbane amber.[2]



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