A dragoncraft item was a special item made from the body parts of a dragon.[1]


As mentioned above, dragoncraft items were items made from dragon body parts. Naturally, depending on which body part was used, the item had a different appearance. The body parts that could be used for dragoncraft items were the blood, bones, fangs, and hide.[1]


Dragoncraft items were treated in a special way by the creator so that they derived some power from the creature whose body parts were used as its material. The blood of a dragon could be brewed into a substance that when imbibed increased the imbiber's physical strength and temporarily conferred some powers related to the kind of dragon the blood came from. A large bone could be used to create a bow that could shoot farther than one made from ordinary material and also be made to channel any level of physical strength for shooting. Treated dragonhide actually conferred some additional protective qualities to the wearer. A dragon fang could be turned into an edged weapon that dealt additional damage using energy in the form of the dragon's breath. All these powers were fully mundane and even worked within an antimagic field.[1]


Specialized skill and knowledge was required to craft a dragoncraft item. Learning this skill required some knowledge in the arcane arts.[2]

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