The Dragonfall War was a conflict between the draconic followers of Bahamut and Tiamat. In some respects the conflict never ended. It began in the Time of Dragons, a period that lasted about six millennia from c. -30000 DR.[1] It began when followers of Xymor (Bahamut) slew Nagamat, a wyrm-general of Tiamat.[2]

Tiamat unleashed all sorts of dragonlike beings during the war, breeding warped creatures from her eggs. These aberrant entities became known as the Spawn of Tiamat.[1][3] To counter them, Bahamut created his own agents, the dragonborn of Bahamut.[4]

The most recent era of conflict in the war occurred between -2087 DR and -1071 DR in Unther. Upon the arrival of Tiamat's cult in Unther, priests of Enlil began to claim that she was the "Nemesis of the Gods" and the god-kings claimed that she was responsible for Untherian setbacks. This conflict was concluded with the death of Tiamat at the hands of Marduk (who was also killed) during the Battle of the Gods in -1071 DR.[5]

After the last Rage of Dragons, in 1373 DR, the dragon population of Faerûn regained their interest in worshiping the Draconic pantheon. This made the followers of Bahamut and Tiamat to began preparations for a possible new battle in the war between the two dragon gods.[6]