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Dragonkin were a type of monstrous humanoids of Faerûn, believed to be distant cousins of the mighty dragons. While they formed wild tribes around Toril, individuals were often enthralled into the service of powerful and malevolent humans,[1] especially by members of the Cult of the Dragon.[2]


These draconic beasts stood much taller than other humanoids, with scaled hides whose colors ranged from an ocher color to reddish-brown, often highlighted with darker markings. Their fully-functioning wings were either similar in hue to their hides or were tinted gold or even green. While their faces resembled those of true dragons, they had thick manes and rear-facing horns.[1]


Dragonkin preferred to engage their enemies from the air, diving down and striking with their claws. IF they were grounded they would resort to using their weapons, typically favoring polearms.[2] Unlike their larger cousins, their tails were not particularly useful in battle.[1]

While dragonkin of the wild eschewed the use of magic weapons, they did have the innate ability to detect magic. A select few of them were born with sorcerous powers.[2]


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