Dragonnes were dangerous monsters that possessed the ferocity of a lion and the cunning of a dragon.[1]


They appeared to be lions covered in brass-colored scales with massive wings like those of a dragon.[1]

A dragonne possessed huge claws and fangs, as well as large eyes, usually the color of its scales. A dragonne was about 12 feet long and weighed about 700 pounds.[1]


Dragonnes were highly territorial and would attack any creatures invading their homes. They were not generally evil or malicious, allowing any intruders the opportunity to flee before they attacked. Those who did not leave a dragonne's lair would find themselves quickly set upon by a savage opponent.[1]


The roar of a dragonne was its greatest weapon. Those who heard this creature's roar found their minds and body weakened, leaving them vulnerable to the attacks of the dragonne.[1]



Dragonnes were known to be living in Maztica. The natives knew them as Hakuna.[4] Halloran from the Golden Legion was once attacked and nearly killed by one on a small island near Payit.[5] Some of the tribal halflings of Maztica used such a hakuna as a kind of captive and totem and fed them with humans and other intruders they managed to capture in their territory.[6]

They could also occasionally be found in the Raurin and Quoya Deserts.[7]



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