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Dragons of Faerûn is an accessory for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the 3.5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

The Forgotten Realms answer to the Draconomicon.

Dragons of Faerûn features an in-depth look at the dragons of Forgotten Realms. Dungeon Masters are given information on adventuring in the Year of Rogue Dragons on specific dragons of Faerûn and how they may interact with or fight against the players. They are given information on organizations that players can belong to or work against, like the evil Cult of the Dragon. Also included is information on how to run a campaign that features the Year of Rogue Dragons, the one time every thousand years the dragons of Faerûn rampage across the continent.

In addition, this book includes ready-to-play adventures; new traps and treasures to be found within dragons’ lairs; new dragon spells; and new monsters.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: True Dragons of the World
  • Chapter 2: Cult of the Dragon
  • Chapter 3: Tyranny of the Dragon Queen
  • Chapter 4: Orders of Dragonkind
  • Chapter 5: Dragon Lairs
  • Chapter 6: Dragon-Related Spells
  • Chapter 7: Magic Items
  • Chapter 8: New Dragons
  • Appendix: Roll Call of Dragons


Dragons of Faerûn details dragons and draconic matters and provides information on some of the setting's most notorious dragons and dracoliches, and also presents information on dragon-related organizations such as the church of Tiamat and the Cult of the Dragon. The book also includes ready-to-play adventures, new traps and treasures found within the lairs of dragons, new spells for dragons, and new monsters.


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Algashon NathaireAugloroasaDaurogothDorn GraybrookGareth DragonsbaneLarethLucreziaKarasendriethOhanzeeSammaster


rod of the Dark Lady
abate dracorageaggravate dracorageAhghairon's dragonwardblunt natural weaponschromatic raycompel breathcone of euphoriadiminish breath weapondracorage mythaldragon blightdragonblood affinitydragonblood spell-pactdragoncallgaze screengem tracergreater antidragon auraicy clawking-killer shieldlight of Xymorpacificationpebble windplatinum rayrevelationscattergloomshadow of the dark queenspectral dragonsteelstingthreesteel



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