Dragonshape was an alteration spell that allowed a mage to take the form and assume the powers of any type of dragon. The caster was limited to any type of dragon—chromatic, metallic, or otherwise—that they had previously seen in their life.[1]


If the mage casting dragonshape did not have the same ethos or morality as the type of dragon they attempted to imitate, the spell immediately failed. This spell did not allow them to take the form of an individual, specific dragon.[1]

When dragonshape was successfully cast, the mage gained all the characteristics, powers, and abilities as the dragon they chose. They lost access to all their own spellcasting abilities and their items, weapons, and clothes became part of their new form during the spell's duration. Despite full access to a dragon's repertoire, the mage gained no knowledge of draconic combat styles, though they could learn dragon magic.[1]

The spell's effects could be ended at will upon a moment's notice. However, the shock to their body's system could leave them completely incapacitated. Similarly, if the caster attempted to cast the spell again within ten days from the first casting, the shock of a second transformation could kill them.[1]

If the mage was slain while in the dragon form, their body did not revert to its original state upon death.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the incisor taken from a great wyrm of the type of dragon that was mimicked.[1]



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