Dragonships were flying spelljammer ships from Shou Lung.[1]


Dragonships were the result of experimentation of the Shou with space travel. As such, they were very similar to sailing ships and were difficult to use in space. Their decks were shrines to the crew's deities and ancestors and to the Emperor. The spelljamming helm was located under a dome below decks.[1]


Space-exploration missions departing from Shou Lung were a well-guarded secret. Approximately only 1 in 10,000 inhabitants even knew about the existence of those ships. The size of the fleet and the nature of the missions were meant to be known only by the emperor.[1]

Dragonships in service of the emperor were tasked with exploring space, meeting new races and bringing back exotic findings. By the mid-14th century DR, interest in space travel had somewhat diminished due to political fluctuations in the imperial court.[1]

Dragonships also patrolled the spelljamming port of Chunming, looking for and hunting down any spelljammer crews that broke local laws.[3]

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It was said that the ultimate objective of Shou Lung's ventures into space was to make the Celestial Bureaucracy truly celestial.[1]

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