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Dragonsight was a term used to refer to a special ability that was inherent to dragons.[1]


Dragonsight allowed a dragon to become aware of all its incarnations across the many worlds of the Prime Material plane, giving them access to a great amount of knowledge of worlds beyond their own. Over time, the dragonsight became powerful enough to allow communication between all incarnations of an individual dragon, and some powerful dragons were known to coordinate their actions with their other incarnations, something that gave them a "godly" status to members of other races and even younger dragons.[1]


Almost every kind of dragon could develop their dragonsight once they became an ancient wyrm, and specially if they had acquired any item from another world or an artifact whose history was tied to that of other worlds. Given their connection to Sardior, gem dragons most commonly developed their dragonsight.[1]


After the Second Sundering, only a few sages were aware of the dragonsight ability, and those sages believed that its existence supported the ideas revealed in the ancient poem "Elegy for the First World".[1]

Notable Users of Dragonsight[]

  • Sardior's greatwyrms were a group of five greatwyrms (one of each of the five types of gem dragons) who intended to absorb every one of their echoes with the ultimate goal of coming together and reforming Sardior.[2]
  • Aasterinian, a brass greatwyrm who served as a messenger for the dragon gods, and was often considered a goddess of invention.[3]
  • Ashardalon, a red greatwyrm who devoured his echoes with the aid of a balor.[4]
  • Astilabor, a topaz greatwyrm who was often considered a goddess of greed.[5]
  • Chronepsis, a black greatwyrm sometimes considered a god of fate.[4]
  • Lendys, a silver greatwyrm renowned for enforcing justice among dragonkind, and thus often considered a god of justice.[6]
  • Nathair Sgiathach, often considered to be a god of faerie dragons.[7]
  • Tamara, a silver greatwyrm sometimes considered a goddess of life and mercy.[6]