The Dragonslayer tribe was a tribe of lizardfolk dwelling in the Vast Swamp of Cormyr. As their name told, they claimed to have slain a number of dragons.[1][2]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Dragonslayer tribe had territory on the central eastern side of the Vast Swamp, where it flanked the Thunder Peaks.[1]


Around 1367 DR, Dragonslayer territory lay south of the lands of the Darkstar orc tribe.[1]


The Dragonslayer tribe was known to live in the Vast Swamp around 1367 DR.[1]

They had claimed the credit for slaying several black dragons over the decades. The last kill they claimed was of Tyra.[2] The victorious Dragonslayers then moved into her lair.[3]

However, Tyra's brother Despayr had a dream of her death to the Dragonslayers, and of her unguarded hoard. Following his visions, Despayr came to Tyra's lair, massacred many of the lizardfolk, and enslaved the survivors. He then took her lair and hoard as his own. He had a daughter by one of the lizardfolk, Ketsarra Shadowscale, who became their new chieftain. In time, Despayr was visited by Esvele Graycastle, who retrieved from the treasure the shadow shard. With this, Despayr transformed the lizardfolk slaves and even his daughter into the first of the undead Shadowscales. The Dragonslayers were no more.[2][3][note 1]



  1. The date of Tyra's death and the Dragonslayers' downfall is unknown. The Roll Call of Dragons in Dragons of Faerûn lists Tyra as alive as of 1373 DR. The timeline in Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave is not precise, but the presence of Despayr's adult half-lizardfolk daughter, Ketsarra Shadowscale—presumably born to one of the lizardfolk, who have been said to grow to maturity in five years—suggests his takeover was at least five years before 1374 DR, with Tyra's death before that.


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