The dragonspear was a powerful artifact linked to the black dragon Maelestor Rex, which bound him to the service of the cornugon Vesarius.[1]


The spear point was made from the black dragon's actual horn. It had a number of arcane spells woven into its creation.[1]


The dragonspear allowed Vesarius to command Maelestor Rex as he so desired. This power was not granted to anyone else who wielded or possessed the spear.[2]


Long before the Era of Upheaval, Maelestor Rex sought out the devil Vesarius with the aim to learn new magical spells and better understand magic. Impressed by his intellect, Vesarius imparted the desired knowledge to the dragon, in exchange for one of his horns.[2]

Many years went by and the two beings had no interaction with one another, until shortly before the Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR.[2] Vesarius used Maelestor Rex's horn to create the dragonspear and used it to to take control of the dragon's will. Vesarius's superior within the devilish army, Baazka, realized the importance of the dragon fighting alongside their forces and hid the spear away, in a labyrinth deep beneath Dragonspear Castle.[1] It was placed in an envelope of dark magical energy that bent the fabric of time and space.[3]

During the Second Dragonspear War, a group of adventurers were able to navigate the subterranean Nepenthe River to the dungeons beneath the castle[4] and find the spear's location.[3] They were able to bypass the protective barrier that enveloped the dragonspear,[5] and carried it back to the exterior of Dragonspear Castle. After the heroes brought the spear before Maelestor Rex, the black dragon used his acid breath to destroy the artifact and free himself from the control of Vesarius.[6]





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