A dragontooth of Lareth was a +1 flaming burst dragonfang dagger that was made from fangs pulled from the dead gold dragon Lareth.[1]


The edge of a dragontooth of Lareth was made from a fang of the gold dragon Lareth. It was serrated and curved. The dagger's hilt and pommel was made to look like a dragon and was decorated with a ruby, which was put into the mouth of the ornamental dragon.[1]


This fang was treated to become a dragonfang dagger,[1] a type of dragoncraft item[2] that held the mundane power of hurting people stabbed by it with heat.[1]

It was further enchanted to become a +1 flaming burst dagger. An additional power of this dagger was to allow the user to rapidly cast guidance on him- or herself. This ability of the dagger was believed to function by calling upon the spirit of the former King of Justice, who remained on Toril, for aid.[1]


As mentioned above, a dragontooth of Lareth was created from one of Lareth's fangs. However, it was possible to replicate the process with any dragonfang weapon. The creator needed functional theoretical knowledge about the creation of magic weapons but also the knowledge about how to create dragoncraft items. Added to this was skill at mundane weaponsmithing and the ability to enhance the casting speed of the spells necessary for the creation. These were guidance and any one of the following three spells: fireball, flame blade, or flame strike.[1]


Lareth was once the King of Justice of gold dragons.[3] He tried to protect the metallic dragons by putting them all into a kind of magical slumber[4] during the Rage of Dragons caused by Sammaster in 1373 DR.[1] Lareth went mad and was removed from office by being killed in a duel.[5] After Lareth's death, at least twelve fangs were pulled from his corpse to create the dragonteeth of Lareth and distributed among the Talons of Justice's leaders to honor his sacrifice in trying to save the dragons.[1]


It was believed that Lareth's spirit remained on Toril to repent for his failure by aiding the bearers of the dragonteeth of Lareth with his wisdom, which manifested in the form of the daggers' guidance ability.[1]

Notable OwnersEdit

The leaders of the Talons of Justice each received a dragontooth of Lareth.[1]



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