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Drakens were small, three-headed dragonets that inhabited the Calim Desert.[1]


Drakens looked like smaller, darker-colored blue dragons with three heads. The wings and eyes were tinged with cyan.[1]


Drakens were known to be irritable.[1]


Draken breathed lightning in 60‑foot-long (18‑meter) lines, with each head being to breathe a bolt twice a day, one at a time. Additionally, when biting with two heads at a time, they could also shock the victim with an effect akin to shocking grasp. Drakens themselves were immune to electrical attacks, as well as to sleep spells.[1]


Draken primarily used their electrical abilities and teeth in combat, never their claws.[1]


Drakens grew to adulthood within a year from hatching.[1]



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