Dralmorrer Borngray was an elf who served as caretaker of Castle Naerytar for the Black Dragon Wyrmspeaker Rezmir of the reformed Cult of the Dragon under Severin Silrajin. He was also member of the Eldreth Veluuthra.[3]


Borngray idolized Rezmir and followed all her orders and did all he could to help her. The only exception was Rezmir's pact with the bullywugs; Borngray considered the lizardfolk to be more reliable and did what he could to benefit the lizardfolk and spite the bullywugs. He was also impatient for the arrival of Tiamat and the doom of humanity so he could go to more civilized places like Evermeet.[3]


Borngray was an elf supremacist and for this reason he left Evermeet and soon joined the Eldreth Veluuthra. However, he found no real way to destroy all humans.[3]

Everything changed when Borngray met Rezmir; the half-dragon convinced the elf that Tiamat would destroy humanity but spare Evermeet. So Borngray joined the Cult of the Dragon and acted as a caretaker of Castle Naerytar for Rezmir and controlled the neighboring bullywug and lizardfolk tribes. However, he was likely killed by some adventurers hired to stop the Cult's plot.[3]




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