Dran Draggore[note 1] was a red dragon and the high priest of the Darkmoon temple.[1]


Hundreds of years before 1358 DR, Dran had dark elves build the original Temple Darkmoon. They, however, ended up destroying themselves and Dran was greatly injured in the cataclysm. It took the dragon a long time to recover, and he later started rebuilding the temple. During this time, he met Xanathar, an evil beholder crime lord. They planned to rule Waterdeep together, but it turned out that he was used by Dran.[1]

Your pain will be legendary! Your agony exquisite!
— Dran Draggore, to the Heroes of Waterdeep, after transforming into his true form.

By the time Xanathar was slain, Dran had amassed his legion of undead. He was ready to unleash his army and kill Khelben Arunsun, but was confronted by the Heroes of Waterdeep. After a mighty battle, Dran collapsed to the floor. However, he grinned and started to rise, transforming from a humanoid into a red dragon. Eventually, the dragon was slain by the heroes, and Temple Darkmoon was destroyed.[1]



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  1. Dran Draggore cannot be spelled without "red dragon"