Draunn was a primordial trapped beneath the Greypeak Mountains. A portion of Draunn called the Steinfang was located in Deadstone Cleft.[1]


The primordial spent most of its time sleeping and only awoke during nights that had a full moon.[1]

Draunn had no knowledge of anything happening in the world while he was trapped beneath the mountains, and communicated via an artifact called the Steinfang. If questions were carved onto the Steinfang, they would disappear on nights of the new moon and be replaced with answers written in dwarvish script. Draunn's answers slanted to promote strife and discord. The stone giants of Deadstone Cleft believed that these answers came from their god, Skoraeus Stonebones.[1]


Some time after the War of the Silver Marches of 1485 DR, the stone giant Thane Kayalithica used the Steinfang to advise her on her attempts to raise the stone giants in the hierarchy of the Ordning, not knowing that this advice came from Draunn.[1]



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