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Dread linnorms were the largest species of linnorm, and were easily distinguishable by their two heads.[1]


Dread linnorms ranged in size from as small as 6 feet (1.8 meters) long as hatchlings, to 530 feet (160 meters) long as full adults. Their scales were primarily charcoal black, but shimmered and flickered from black to gray as if lit within; older dread linnorms' scales would fade to gray as well. Most notably, dread linnorms had two heads. Like other linnorms, dread linnorms had only front legs, lacking the wings and hind legs of other dragons.[1][2]


Dread linnorms, like other linnorms, were cruel, hateful, spiteful, and untrustworthy.[1] However, they cared little for the treasure that they accumulated in their lairs.[1][2]


Dread linnorms were big, powerful creatures that were also highly destructive. They were immune to all spells of the enchantment school. They also had two breath weapons that they could breathe from either head, and could use both at the same time. One breath weapon was a freezing wind, the other was fire. Either could come out as a 70‑foot (21‑meter) cone or a 140‑foot-long (43‑meter) line. Dread linnorms also drained the health of any creatures that they scratched with their claws.[1][2]

Dread linnorms also had several spell-like abilities, able to use fly and telekinesis at will, move earth four times each day, power word, stun thrice each day, and antipathy and sympathy twice each day. They could cast arcane spells as powerful sorcerers.[1][2]


Dread linnorms started combat relying on their spells and breath weapons, then switched to melee attacks with their tails, claws, and twin jaws.[1]


Dread linnorms could live in most climates and terrains. They were solitary creatures that seemed to require little food, although other accounts claimed they enjoyed wood seasoned with saltwater, and would attack ships to acquire that "treat".[1][2]

Notable Dread linnorms[]

  • Kroth, a dread linnorm that inhabited the unnumbered layer of Demonwing in the Abyss, acting as a guardian of the balor commander Straoth's tower.[3]



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