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Dream was an illusion spell that would shape the dreams of a target.[citation needed] Typically an arcane spell, it was also used by some clerics of the derro god Diirinka[9] and the elven goddess Sehanine Moonbow.[10]


Choosing a known target within the same plane and casting the dream spell allows the caster or someone else to become a messenger and effect the chosen's dreams. If the target is asleep the messenger can effect the targets dream creating any thing and the target would remember the dream perfectly. If the target is awake the messenger know it and can wait for it to fall asleep or end the trance ahead of time. If the target cant sleep the spell has no effect. If the messenger chooses to look horrific its message will be shortened and the target will attempt to resist the messenger.[citation needed]

If the target resist the messenger the target wont be able to fully rest and have will have nightmares and when it wakes it takes psychic damage.[citation needed]

If the caster had something from the body of the target like hair or nails the target would have disadvantage against the spell.[citation needed]


In order to cast this spell the caster needed the vocal and somatic components as well as a writing quill plucked from a sleeping bird, a dab of ink and a handful of sand.[11]


The spell was credited to the Netherese arcanist Efteran in −1769 DR and was originally called Efteran's dream.[1]