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A dream vestige was an entity[2], somewhat similar to a huge mass of fog with tormented faces appearing on it.


These swirling gray mists had several faces embedded within. These faces would stretch, twist, and dissolve back into the vapor.[3] Such creatures were able to pass between the Prime Material plane and the demiplane of dreams.[2]

The faces that appeared within dream vestiges were actually those of souls.[4] As well as their warping faces, these vestiges were accompanied by a chorus of faint voices, some seemingly laughing, whilst others were distressed.[3]

Dream vestiges were always hungry, and grabbed living creatures with their long tentacles. However, undead beings such as zombies, skeletons, and mindless beings, such as golems could endure their touch.[3]

These entities formed by gathering hundreds of nightmares, combining them, and infusing them with necromantic energies.[3]


Being incorporeal creatures, dream vestiges could only be harmed by spells, spell-like or supernatural abilities, enchanted weapons, other incorporeal creatures, or weapons with the ghost touch quality.[3]


In order to combat dream vestiges, the emotions that made it up had to be exploited. One able to control emotions could defeat these entities by invoking their wrath and self hatred. After much torment, they were overcome and the entities dissolved, ceasing the exist.[5]