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Dreams of the Red Wizards is a 1st-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons accessory that was set in the Forgotten Realms. [1]

The Red Wizards of Thay. As cruel and horrible as they are powerful, they have ruled their eastern realm for as long as any sage can remember. They can be powerful allies, or deadly enemies. The Red Wizards know the darkest secrets of the strongest magic, and will sell their skills to the highest bidder. Thay is a land of slavers and tyrants, of intrigue and murder, of danger and opportunity. In this book, the government, personalities, economy, cities, people, and wilderness of Thay are described for an AD&D® campaign of any size or level. Dreams of the Red Wizards also includes new spells and magical items unique to the Red Wizards, plus a four-color map of Thay that can be added to the previously published maps of the Forgotten Realms![2]


Dreams of the Red Wizards is a supplement that focuses on Thay, a nation ruled by evil wizards.


  • Introduction
  • History of Thay
  • People and Society of Thay
  • Geography of Thay
  • Current Economy of Thay
  • Current Politics of Thay
  • Magic of Thay
  • Religion of Thay
  • Personalities of Thay
  • Adventures in Thay
  • 33" x 21" map of East Faerûn from the Gray Forest to Rashemen down to Mulhorand and over to Reth, which includes Thay, Thesk, Aglarond and Altumbel



Szass TamAlzegund the TraderAilothNaglathaLauzorilShazzelurtSabass of ThayGombdalla of PyaradosSimbulBulzo TarhairAzhir KrenHomen OdesseironDickon SharkenConstable Hargun SkullknuckleBelanna Telmister


AssistAura fireBelten's burning bloodChantCharm undeadCircleCombustControl windsDeny coldDetect charmDetect poisonDetho's deliriumFind the pathFind trapsFire gateFire lanceFire stonesFire stormFlame daggerFlashPower word, sleepPredict weatherProtection from acidProtection from all elementals, 10' radiusProtection from all lycanthropes, 10' radiusProtection from all undead, 5' radiusProtection from any traps, 5' radiusProtection from breath weapon, dragonProtection from breath weapon, non-dragonProtection from cold, 15' radiusProtection from electricity, 10' radiusProtection from fire, 15' radiusProtection from gas, 5' radiusProtection from illusionsProtection from magic, 5' radiusProtection from magical traps, 5' radiusProtection from magical weaponsProtection from mechanical trapsProtection from normal weaponsProtection from paralyzationProtection from petrification, 10' radiusProtection from plants, 10' radiusProtection from poisonProtection from possession, 10' radiusProtection from shapechangers, 10' radiusProtection from specific elementals, 10' radiusProtection from specific lycanthropes, 10' radiusProtection from specific undead, 5' radiusProtection from waterRegenerateResist energy drainRestorationSpeak with deadSpell immunityStone tellSummon undeadSynostodweomerTurn magic





  • Editing: Karen S. Boomgarden
  • Cartography: Dave Sutherland
  • Interior Art: Valerie Valusek
  • Cover Art: Clyde Caldwell
  • Typography: Kim Janke
  • Keylining: Stephanie Tabat


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