Dreamspeak, also known as Detho's delirium, caused a drugged, drunk, sleeping, or unconscious creature to speak against their will.[2] It was crafted by the mage Detho, and inscribed within his spellbook, Detho's Libram.[4]


When a creature was affected by dreamspeak, they would continuously babble in every language in which they were fluent, speaking about all manner of random and disconnected subjects. They would crack jokes and share dreams they had had, heartfelt opinions, stories about their lives and, quite possibly, sensitive information they would not normally release to others such as pass phrases, command words, or other such secrets.[2] The only information that would never be revealed in this manner was another being's true name.[4]

It was impossible to converse or pose questions to someone under the effects of dreamspeak, as their communication was purely one-way.[4]


If the affected creature was awakened during the duration of dreamspeak, the spell was immediately broken.[4]

The spell had verbal, somatic and material components involved in its casting. The material component for this spell was a small, brass or silver bell that was consumed in the process.[2]



  1. The Spellbound campaign book lists Detho's delirium as an enchantment (charm) spell.


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